Going away by plane? Don't forget your car!

International car transport to and from Belgium, Spain, France, the Netherlands & Germany


Enjoy the comfort of your own car on holiday

Holidays are about relaxing in a nice place and enjoying delicious food with family or friends.

Comfort is high on the wish list of many holidaymakers and that is where Car To Destination can offer added value! Has it ever occurred to you how convenient it would be if you had your own car on holiday? That is exactly what Car To Destination does and can do for you. The transport of your car to your holiday destination (and back) is discussed and arranged for you, from A to Z. Safe, comfortable, convenient and ... at a very correct price. No more extra hassle with rental cars, extra insurance, GPS, child seats, toys, extra luggage, ... This is start of a carefree holiday!

Car To Destination Transport
Car To Destination Car

How exactly does this work? Car To Destination explains:

‘More and more holidaymakers wish to enjoy the benefits of having their own car on holiday'. How do we do that? Car To Destination lists the customer’s wishes and we pull out all the stops to meet these wishes as much as we can can together with our exclusive partner Omega.
Omega is a company that has more than 35 years of experience in this type of transport. Every week dozens of cars are transported to France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and together with Car To Destination, Spain and Germany are now starting up.
We firmly believe in excellent and personal service. After all, a car is a personal and valuable object! And every order is different, just as every car is different.

  • Our prices include an additional insurance during the journey whereby any transport damage is insured according to the actual value of the damage suffered.
  • The car is picked up at home at no extra charge (Belgium only)


Different wishes for different people

International car transport

From pick-up to delivery of your car


Transportation of cars, jet skis, small boats, luxury cars, vintage cars, golf carts, buggies, etc.

Tailor-made quote according to the customer's wishes

Lightweight luggage, such as suitcases, golf clubs, children's seats, toys, extra clothing and mini-bikes, can be put in the car at no extra charge.

The car can also be picked up at home at no extra cost. (Belgium)


Professional drivers provide fast and safe transport

Clear communication on vehicle departure and arrival


Delivery in a car park at the airport so that you can drive straight to your destination without incurring extra taxi costs.

Delivery and collection of the car as close as possible to your home in Belgium, Spain, France, the Netherlands and Germany..


Wat een Service! Maandag namiddag opgehaald in Gent en donderdag voormiddag geleverd in Altea. Super !

PM uit Gent

Dankzij Car To Destination hebben wij volop kunnen genieten van onze wagen tijdens ons verlof in Marbella. Op maandag hebben wij het vliegtuig terug genomen en donderdag was onze wagen reeds terug bij ons met alle bagage. Puur genieten !

YL uit Merchtem


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